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Welcome to all students who are participating in the South Metropolitan PEAC program in 2023. You can look forward to completing an interesting and challenging year.

PEAC courses for Cycle 2 programs, start and finish dates, have been finalised and are on the calendar.

Could parents please complete the Student Health Form and Conditions of Acceptance on this page under the Parent tab-Information and Forms. This is necessary so we have your contact details along with medical information.

Year 6s, if there are any changes to your health form let us know. Your placement letter will include your teacher’s email address – make a note and use this for any queries about the course and if you are absent. It will also include the PEAC Centre where your course will be conducted. Check the location to find the best place to be dropped off. Directions for new centres will be attached to your acceptance letter.

The PEAC Team is really looking forward to continuing working with both the Year 5s and 6s in 2023 . We are always developing courses to stretch your brain – whatever you do will give you an opportunity to learn new skills and expand your knowledge!




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