The PEAC Cycle THREE courses for 2023 commence week 8 of this term.

Selecting Courses

Please read through the Course Book with your child. CYCLE THREE Booklet is now available. For this Cycle, the booklet has been emailed to families.

Courses are offered at 6 different venues as well as Scitech and the Kings Park Education Centre.  You may select courses from any venue.   Please consider time, travel and school commitments.  You will need to choose four (4) courses.

Once we close the nomination process (date to be confirmed), the system will sort the students into ONE of their choices.

Please note this is not done until we close the nominations.  It is NOT first in first served.  All students get the same opportunity.

10 May 2023App closes
29 July 2023Cycle 2 begins
25 August 2023Cycle 2 ends
04 SeptemberCycle 3 begins
30 NovemberCycle 3 ends


Cycle Three Book PEAC