PEAC runs in 3 cycles across the year. Courses run across Monday-Thursday and do not run on public or school holidays. 

Please check the current course catalogue for session times, as these sometimes differ. 

There are no PEAC sessions on Fridays.

PEAC Cycle TWO course for 2024 commences Week 7 of Term 2.

Selecting Courses

YEAR 5s and YEAR 6s 

Please read through the Course Catalogue to view the available courses for the upcoming cycle.

Courses are offered at 6 different venues as well as Scitech.  You may select courses from any venue.   Please consider time, travel and school commitments.  You will need to choose four (4) course preferences.

Once we close the nomination process, the system will sort the students into ONE of their choices.

Please note this is not done until we close the nominations.  It is NOT first in first served.  All students get the same opportunity.