The Story of Chocolate

Students in “The Story of Chocolate” had a fabulous time learning about all things Chocolate.
We started from the history, manufacturing, types, the ethical side of cacao plantations and the use of child labour as well as everything in between.
Of course, we also snuck in some chocolate tasting for educational purposes.
Students as part of their major assessment task, “A Bar is Born” had to come up with their idea of a “perfect” chocolate bar.
The written component comprised their research of what is available, how the testing is carried out, the recipe, wrapper, advertising, test launch and
presentation. There were very tasty and impressive creations, which would have Cadbury chocolate knocking on our PEAC doors.
Below are some photos of students with their wonderful work and creations.
To celebrate the end of the course, we took over the Curtin school kitchen and honed our cooking skills to produce some tasty triple chocolate Muffins.
The one bowl recipe was a great success and students enjoyed the fruits of their labour as well as brought some home to share.