Students had a great time learning so much useful information in the course “Survivor” .
All students chose to be in “Tribes” where each week they had the opportunity to have “intellectual” or “physical” challenges earning points towards their tribe tally.
They came up with Tribe names, mottos and logos, these were then drawn on calico and proudly worn as headbands/ wristbands or anklets.
One photo below shows the Tribe winners – Walyalup Wolves whose motto was “Fight with the Wild” with their prize gift bags.
We also enjoyed an Incursion with Dr. Andy Kirker who engaged the students with his Game of Strategy and Moral Decisions “Shipwrecked”.
An Excursion was also organised to Kings Park for a full day of “bush survival” learning. We started the day in the “nature” classroom introducing us to the “Child vs Wild” program we were going to partake in. We learnt about the natural surroundings, how to erect a makeshift shelter, tying knots, basic first aid,
water purification, basic fire safety and cooking damper. After lunch we spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the wonderful Rio Tinto “Naturescape” playground.
Photos show students participating in different activities during the day. It was a fantastic day full of great educational experiences.