Here is a catalogue of the current courses students are enjoying in Cycle 3.

Aviation – Bull Creek PS

What is the future of Aviation? We will research current airports and aircraft.

You will design an aircraft or airport of the future, incorporating critical and creative planning.

Mad About Movies – Bull Creek PS

We are watching 5 movies from the list that every child should see. On alternate weeks after viewing and enjoying these movies, we are writing detailed reviews.

Intro to Robotics – Bull Creek PS

In this course you will build and program robots to perform a routine that you have created.

You will investigate engineering concepts and techniques to stabilise and strengthen your robot.

Build a Computer – Bull Creek PS   Yarralinka PS

In this course you will learn how to strip down a computer into all the component parts and then rebuild it with a combination of other parts, then load an operating system onto it and test all the parts do work.

Break Out – Bull Creek PS

Have you heard of escape rooms? Welcome to PEAC’s version-Break Out!! Collaborate and communicate with your team, employ your critical and creative thinking skills to decipher the clues, unlock the padlocks and move into the next challenge.

Graphic Novels – Bull Creek PS

We delve into the world of graphic novels. Immersed in a realm of heroes, villains, sidekicks and symbolism, students will explore text analysis, studying the graphic novel, Nimona, and develop the skills to produce their own graphic stories.

Hogwarts Challenge – Bull Creek PS

Prepare yourself for an adventure, with classes in divination, herbology, spells and potions, muggle studies and care of magic creatures. Students will be immersed in a world of magic and competition whilst in their house groups.

Science Fiction – Bull Creek PS

Predictions for the future could be anyone’s guess.

Students will test the science in Science Fiction, debate probable outcomes and create their own fictional futures or parallel dimensions with scientific plausibility.

What Lies Beneath? – Bull Creek PS

What secrets lie beneath the surface of our vast oceans? With mysterious animals, shipwrecks, sunken cities and intricate ecosystems, what impact do things like pollution, recreation and the efforts of activists have on the future of our surrounding oceans? 

Law and Order – Curtin PS

You will be solving crimes, investigating evidence and finding out about how our legal system works in W.A.

We will have a guest speaker who will share his life as a busy lawyer and field all questions that you have. We will also carry out a mock trial and discover which team is the most influential and convincing with representing their case to the jury.

Vet Science – Curtin PS   EHH PS

Some sessions are run by a qualified veterinary expert, which will cover topics such as pet handling, pet care and preventative medicine, using real animals to demonstrate. There will be opportunities for hands-on activities. You will be given a case study of “animal patients” to make a diagnosis and solve.

Food Trucks – Curtin PS

Students will have the opportunity to explore all facets of these mobile marvels. We will look at the history of Food Trucks, cuisines and menus they offer and food safety guidelines. Students will also study the architecture and design of food truck fit outs.

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Survivor – Curtin PS   Yarralinka PS

Are you a leader? Are you a survivor? Work with your tribe to develop your problem-solving skills. Study real life survival stories and see what it takes to stay alive. You will learn about first aid and the skills to survive in the outback. Decide on your own path to survival.

Minecraft Education – Curtin PS   EHH PS

Yarralinka PS

In this interactive course you will be able to turn your creative ideas into reality in the world of Minecraft Education. You will plan designs using isometric drawings or perspective drawings and then build famous monuments. Send your friends on a treasure hunt through varying landscapes and challenges. Be prepared to be creative and innovative.

Utopia Dystopia or Somewhere Between – Curtin PS

Create your own fantasy world or universe. In this course you will map your own world, design the lifeforms that live in it. You will create their customs, history, important people and write about them. You might choose a story, graphic novel, newspaper, cartoon, picture book, magazine, or something else.

Puzzled? – Curtin PS

We will study and hopefully solve Wordle, binary puzzles, mazes, lateral thinking, maths puzzles, Sudoku, cryptic crosswords, jigsaws and Rubik’s Cube. Create new pathways in your brain when you accept the challenges in this course and move yourself to the extended abstract level of thought processing.

SMART (When Science Meets Art) – Curtin PS

We will use digital technology as part of our creative and presentation process.  We will advance our work and improve our talent through new materials, mediums and techniques. We will use iPad apps such as Procreate, Sketchbook and Ibis Paint X.

Medical School – Curtin PS   

Venture on a journey deep inside the human body. Analyse the purpose and function of the body systems.  We will set up true life medical scenarios, where you will practise lifesaving skills such as dissecting and suturing.  You can design a new body part to help humans survive in the future. 

Sports Science – Curtin PS

Discover the science behind elite athletes’ physical and mental preparation and performance. Study musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems and how athletes can improve them. We will spend time with a Personal Trainer and learn to make up an exercise programme specifically tailored to your needs.

Bulls n Bears – Curtin PS     Atwell College

What do bulls and bears have to do with the share market?  You will find out whilst participating in the Schools Share market Game. 

You are given a hypothetical sum of $50 000 to buy and sell shares in real time on the real market. You will also learn about historical events which have affected the share market e.g. The Great Depression and Covid 19.

Comical Creations – Curtin PS

This is an opportunity to combine your love of drawing and illustrating into creation of comic strips and comic books. We will take cartooning to the next level, designing a cast of characters and putting them in a storybook written by you. This course will incorporate the use of iPads with apps such as Sketchbook Pro and Procreate.

Sherlock Holmes – Curtin PS

Sherlock Holmes-one of the most famous detectives of all time. Be like Sherlock and sharpen your wits and learn about the the power of observation and the different types of logic. You will be involved in solving mysteries as well as creating your own.

Fantastic Beasts at the Zoo – Curtin PS    Zoo

In this course we will look at our world’s amazing animals and see what makes them noteworthy. We will look at their unique capabilities and how their characteristics help them to survive. This course includes three visits to Perth Zoo.

Forensic Investigations – Curtin PS 

Yarralinka PS

Do you like a good mystery, and do you have an interest in solving crimes? Are you good at finding the clues presented to you? Will your skills of observation and intuition help present the final piece of evidence to solve the case? Use microscopes and have a much closer look at all those clues we miss. We will be focussing on forensic techniques in crime solving, or is it problem solving?

Wings of Fire – EHH PS

Calling all fans of the thrilling Wings of Fire series of novels by Tui T. Sutherland – and all lovers of dragons.

Gather your ideas, generate your own awesome characters, draw and write your legend, sharing your brilliance with the world!

Spread your wings and fly!

Lights, Camera, Action! – EHH PS

Calling all film making enthusiasts! Writers, actors, editors, prop makers, costume designers and sound composers.

Students will come together to try their hand at various production roles and film making styles, including documentary, drama and music videos.

Maths in Design – EHH PS

From artwork to architecture, fashion to football, maths is the key to success.

In this course, we will explore geometry, tessellations, patterns and optical illusions.

Students will work with both digital and hand drawn designs.

Operation I Spy! – EHH PS   Atwell College

Welcome to the secret lives of spies. At Spy School you will be trained in all the skills needed to become a successful spy – you will talk like a spy, live like a spy, go undercover, decode and encode secret messages to become a critical problem solver.

Crack the Code…and Escape – Woodlupine PS

If you enjoy code breaking, solving puzzles and thinking outside the triangle then you will really enjoy this course. Through the concept of ‘escaping’ you will be transported back into history where you will have to crack the codes and puzzles to escape famous events from Ancient Egypt, Greece, China and the Middle Ages.

Special FX – Woodlupine PS  Yarralinka PS

How do they make Superman fly, bring imaginary beasts to life, create fabulous worlds of fantasy and make genies pop out of lamps? What is green screen?  Learn the secrets of the cinema, write and produce your own movie, introduce your special effects and become a famous director overnight.

Creative Chemistry – Yarralinka PS

In Creative Chemistry you will mix, create and investigate the wonders of chemistry in a fun and interactive way. Through hands-on experiments, interactive demonstrations and creative projects , you will learn how everyday ingredients can transform into extraordinary chemical reactions.

Bookworms – Yarralinka PS

To be part of this course you must be a dedicated and avid reader. You can analyse your favourite books and learn what it takes to write a best seller.

We will have a session with a literature specialist, getting a snapshot of authors and new books being released. You will be able to choose a book to take home with you.

School of Rock – Yarralinka PS

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be in a rock band? We will research the history of music and look at the different genres that make up popular music. You will create your own band with a name, musical style and look. You will hit the recording studio to write and record your debut single using music software such as ‘Garage Band’ or your own instruments.

STEM @ Scitech 

Become an expert using the Scientific Process. Test your STEM skills in the Scitech laboratory, as you rise to the challenge of undertaking various investigations relating to aerodynamics, robotics and the physics of motion and energy. Design and create specific prototypes and machines to suit specific purposes.